Choosing the right window blinds for Home can be a tiresome task, especially when there is so much choice from styles, colours and patterns. Choosing blinds for your living room in particular is a difficult decision as this is the main gathering area, the place you want to feel most comfortable and in some homes it is a space most visible from the outside.

The size and look of your home also needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the right window blinds for your living room. You want to inject the right feel, light and temperature into your living room, and window blinds are the way to do this.

Let Pioneer Blinds Manchester make this choice an easy one with our guide to the best blinds for living room. We give you our top three blinds that are suitable for your living room and different style of windows.


Blinds for large windows

If your living room has large windows or floor to ceiling windows you want to have blinds that complement this and have the right balance of light and dark, visibility and privacy.

Large windows are great for adding space and brightness to your living room, however, the light can often be overpowering on brighter days. With larger windows, privacy can also be compromised unless you have the right window blinds.

For living rooms with larger windows we recommend vertical blinds.


Choosing the right window blindsVertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for controlling light and privacy as they can be tilted at multiple angles. No matter how big your windows are we can customise your vertical blinds to fit. We have a range of coloured or pattern vertical blinds to suit your home. We love these patterned vertical blinds as they add a quirky edge and are great for bringing colour into a plain room. Adding colour to your window blinds can also create warmth or cool a room depending on the colour.

Find out more about vertical blinds and our amazing range over on our website!


Blinds for bay windows

Bay windows are a great feature in any home. They give added space to a room and display blinds beautifully!

Where better to show off your blinds then in your living room. When entering the living room bay windows draw your attention to your blinds, so make sure you have the most beautiful blinds around by contacting Pioneer Blinds Manchester.

For your living room we recommend a timeless classic that is elegant and sophisticated, particularly with bay windows. Wooden venetian blinds are one of our favourites for living rooms.


Choosing the right window blindsWooden venetian blinds

We have a range of venetian blinds in various colours but we believe the best blinds for living room are wooden venetian blinds. If you are looking to add warmth to your living room then wood is the way to go. The earthy colour tone of traditional wood venetian blinds immediately warms a room up and gives an elegant look.

Venetian blinds are a great option for controlling the amount of light and privacy in your living room. Wooden venetian blinds are not suitable for rooms with a lot of moisture which is why they are perfect for living rooms.

Take a look at our website to see all the features of wooden venetian blinds.


Blinds for smaller windows

Smaller windows mean less light is entering the room and does not increase space as much as larger windows do. This means that you want to make the most of the window space you have, being careful not to choose blinds that enclose the room or take away any sunlight.

To make the most of smaller windows and make them stand out we recommend Roman blinds.


Choosing the right window blindsRoman Blinds

Roman blinds can be draped down to just half way which gives you the benefits of having a lot of light in your living room. The material of these blinds adds a luxurious and elegant feel to any room but are particularly popular in living rooms.

We supply roman blinds in a variety of colours and patterns and we can even create them bespokely for you using a fabric of your choice. This is a great option if you like the matching look and are wanting to tie all of your patterns and colours together.

To see our range of roman blinds take a look at our website.


Pioneer Blinds supply the best blinds for living room

With our guide to the best blinds for Choosing the right window blinds  for your living room your decision should be a lot easier! You can now focus on choosing the right colours and patterns. Not as easy as it sounds? Do not worry as we also help you in choosing colours and patterns in our previous blog post on top trending blinds.

We have free fabric samples to be sent to you so you can be sure before you book your no obligation consultation with Pioneer Blinds Manchester. Call us today on 0161 773 4447 for your living room window blinds.



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